Essential Oils for the Caregiver! 

Essential Oils for the Caregiver! 

So excited about this everyone! 💜💛In my life (outside of my family, of course) I am very passionate about two things. The first is my job. Working with seniors, especially those who have Alzheimer’s/dementia, I feel is my calling and a big reason why I was placed on the earth. To help people, to make them smile. During the past 6 years I have seen, heard and worked a LOT with seniors and family members who have so many different stories and walks of life, but who all have the same common bond of dementia being a part of their lives. I love it, both the challenges and the good moments that make everything all worth it. The second thing is more recent…about 9 months ago my family and I started using essential oils on a whim because I wanted something that could possibly help us from not getting the “back to school germs”. I had no clue really what they were. To say they have been game changers for us is an absolute understatement. 

I’ve wanted to combine these two things for awhile now and I really wanted to do something for caregivers in particular. So I decided to just DO it! 

Saturday, May 21st, I’m hosting a class on Facebook that is going to be entirely geared towards essential oils and how they can be used through the eyes of a caregiver, for all of the caregivers out there. 

Invite anyone, ask anything, spread the word and come with a smile. This one is for YOU!

Here is the link to join the class: Essential Oils for the Caregiver

If it gives you a hard time comment here and I’ll send you an invite! Hope to see all of you there!


Work Hard & Be Nice to People: Giveaway! 

Work Hard & Be Nice to People: Giveaway! 

“Work Hard and Be Nice to People”  It’s my motto. It’s how I try to live my life. It’s also how I choose to run my own little business. And part of what I love so much about running my own little business is that I get to do whatever I want! I can be nice and give away things whenever I want!
So. Anyone, new & existing customers, who order during April (no minimum amount!) gets entered into a raffle for this fun basket of Spring goodies! 

-Thieves spray: lives in my purse & at the office. Amazing for disinfecting! 

-5ml bottles of Citrus Fresh, Lime and Orange: perfect for sprucing up your water, using in recipes or for cleaning, etc… super versatile & they smell sooo good!

-Spray bottle for customizing a spray for your home/car/dog bed/whatever (you can use the 3 above oils for this!) 

-Grapefruit Chapstick: I don’t use anything else anymore. It’s the best out there. 

-Stress Away bath salts from the “Mom Survival” card

-Lemon sugar scrub 

-other samples, information and recipe cards

Happy Spring! Happy Shopping! 🌱🌷🍋💛And Happy Weekend! We made it folks 💪🏻

xoxo, Kari 🙂

Order Here to be Entered!

((Please don’t hesitate to ask questions!))

March Giveaway! 

March Giveaway! 

🌱Spring. Is. Almost. Here!🌱So SO happy that we have these this go around for the sneezin’ season, they’ve already saved my tail once this allergy-filled time of year. 

And I want to share!

Anyone who gets goin’ this month by ordering their starter kit gets their choice of a personalized roller to fit whatever needs you may have AND a spray like the ones shown below (I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need the bathroom one, if you know what I mean!) 

Existing oilers of mine! If you place a $50 order this month you get yourself a choice of one also 🍋 

Here is the link to the Starter Kit! Let me know if you have any questions! Don’t be shy! I’m here to help. 

Happy No Sneezing!!! 


“Le Chat”

“Le Chat”

So when you work with people who have Alzheimer’s, any given thing can happen at any moment on any day…and the amazing thing about this is that in the midst of a crazy day you can get a hunch and give someone who you know is artistic but hasn’t drawn in years a canvas and some colored pencils and they draw THIS and give it to you. With your name on it. And then as you are giving this person a hug because you’re so excited and happy they made this, another person comes up and says “What is that” and you say “a cat” and in return they say “Well F**k your cat”. Lol! 🙀😻😿😺😽  

Virtual Dementia Tour 

Virtual Dementia Tour 

I had the opportunity recently to participate in the “Virtual Dementia Tour”. For those of you who have never participated it is a simulation of what it is like to have Alzheimer’s. Your hands are gloved with popcorn kernels in the fingertips to prevent you from feeling correctly, your fingers are taped together to simulate arthritis, you mimic macular degeneration with the goggles placed over your eyes, and over your ears headphones are placed. Not just any headphones, headphones that have continuous, loud noises playing…Then you are given five tasks to complete and are sent into a room to do so. No one can help you, prompt you or talk to you in anyway. 

I did not complete any of my tasks all of the way. I completed some partially, some barely and some not at all. It was a very long, lonely, almost unbearable 10 minutes. 

I talked to myself to drown out the noises in my ears, I jumped when sirens blared in my ears, I couldn’t remember the tasks the prompter told me to do. I separated 5 blue poker chips from the rest when I was supposed to do all 7, I folded a blank piece of paper and put it in an envelope when I was supposed to write a 3 sentence letter first, I folded everything when I was just supposed to fold towels, I walked around aimlessly, fiddled with random things and I was so happy when it was over.

Then I got to watch my coworkers participate, and struggle, and get frustrated, and come out with a new appreciation and point of view of our residents. 

It’s an experience I am so very grateful for, and I highly recommend it to anyone who ever had a chance to participate. 
Anyone else out there have the chance to do this? What did you get out of it?